Hello, my name is Jacob Isom. I am a curious mind.
The current keeps flowing.
The designer keeps going.
Solving problems and coming
up with creative solutions that
resist the force of the current.
Upstream. Keeps swimming
upstream for the very best ideas.
And ultimately, the best view.
He’s a fish out of water.
Throwing the biggest rocks.
Making the biggest splashes.
I am that fish.
I consider myself to be a creative mind, looking for the most effective solutions to communicate ideas visually.
With an interest in graphic design at an early age, I have honed my skills over time. A childhood obsession with the world's most well-known audio drama, Adventures in Odyssey, turned into a project when I launched a fan site to promote the show in late 2000. This allowed me to discover what works visually and what doesn't, long before I jumped into the college scene to advance my skills. This small hobby eventually led into opportunities to provide my talents as an independent designer for the Adventures in Odyssey brand, designing print ads and layouts, product packaging, web graphics, and more. What more could I have asked for?
I've been a content creator for years, and each graphic design project is an opportunity to further develop my skills. Coupled with strong copy writing skills, I can be one of the strongest fish, forcing my way against the current. I understand that communication is essential in the industry. I earned my Bachelor's degree in 2009 in Advertising and Public Relations with minors in Graphic Design and Broadcasting. My background in business and advertising, along with my knowledge of graphic design fundamentals and current trends, has strengthened me as a designer.
I continue to be that fish. Making the biggest splashes.
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